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The latest news from Southwest Equine including information on common health issues, our services, general advice from our team of Equine Vets, and event and promotion announcements.

Lower Airway Disease

Does your horse or horses cough during or after exercise, do they have nasal discharge or are they just performing below the level you expect from them? If so they may have a lower airway disease. Read more …

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Perennial Ryegrass Staggers

Ryegrass staggers is a neurological condition that can be seen in most domestic grazing species, including horses. It occurs most commonly in late spring to early autumn and always in animals grazing perennial ryegrass pastures …

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Heat Stress in Horses

Heat stress can occur in all horses, and can occur over a relatively short period of time, particularly in the case of unfit athletes worked strenuously in high ambient temperatures, or can occur from protracted fluid and electrolyte loss during exhaustive exercise …

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The Southwest Equine team is growing!

Introducing Dr Feargal Ross Feargal comes to us from Dublin, Ireland where he has spent his life around horses with his family having broodmares, breeding for both National Hunt and Flat racing. After obtaining a degree in Equine Science from...

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Case Report – Extensor tendon injury

Our case we are discussing this week is ‘Indi’, who unfortunately wounded her hind limb in a fence, not only damaging the skin but also severing the long digital extensor tendon. The extensor tendon(s), which are located on the front of the cannon bone in...

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Common Dental Problems

There is no better time than spring to get a jump start on your horse’s oral health. While most horse owners are familiar with the sings of severe dental disease like feed dropping, foul breath, unexplained weight loss, and colic, many are unaware that...

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